2023 Fast Eddy Rider Number Registration

For the 2023 season we have decided to ask all riders to register their numbers with us to insure that riders are able to get, where possible, their preferred choice. Please remember that if you want to take part in the British Sprints you need to pick a number between 1 to 140. The cost for this will be £10 per rider.

We would also like to remind all riders that you will be expected to have a practice or competition license (either full or one day) to enter our events. If you require an ACU club code to get or renew your ACU license we will send you the code once you have registered your number.  For riders that want to take out a NORA 92 license please click here, these are now available.

    Rider Registration 2023 - PLEASE COMPLETE IN FULL

    Please add your full name

    Please add your address

    Please add a contact telephone number

    Please add a contact email address

    If you have your own transponder please add the number here

    Please add preferred number and second choice here

    If you wish to receive an ACU license code for 2023 please select from the options below: